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Shark Button Pencil Skirt – Designer’s Remix

A sailor skirt, reloaded.  Oh, MAN.

Available: Shark Button Pencil Skirt by Designer’s Remix via


Dahlia Dress – Robert Rodriguez

Why isn’t it spring already?  Who can help out and make time move faster?

Available: Dahlia Dress by Robert Rodriguez via

Double Faced Satin Layered Skirt – Erin Featherson

Fashion can be incredibly fun AND incredibly wearable at the same time.  It’s true!  Exhibit one:

Available: Erin Featherson Double Faced Sating Layered Skirt via Forward by Revolve

Rag & Bone Pleated Dress

There are occasions when pleats are very, very right.  This is one of those.

Available: Rag & Bone Pleated Dress from Forward by Revolve

Sweet Rain Ring – Bloom Studios

I have long, thin, fingers that piano teachers loved.  To bad I didn’t like playing piano.

Anyway, I don’t wear rings on any of my fingers (thumb not included) because it’s so hard to find one that doesn’t sit on my hand, screaming, “I AM A RING, AND I AM SITTING ON YOUR HAND”.  Rings are kind of assholes that way.

I think, however, that this little thing of gold and aquamarine might just love being on my finger.

Available: Sweet Rain Ring by Bloom Studios via Etsy

Fancy That Dress by SarahSeven

Really, I do.

Available: Fancy That Dress by SarahSeven via Etsy

Bradley Scott Fall 2009 Collection Dress

Yes, it’s already fall 2009 in the world of fashion.  I would like this now, however.

See the rest of the collection:
Visit the Designer’s site:

Gold Honeycomb Necklace – Stone & Honey by Small Things

Ah, honeycomb.  How lovely!  I especially like the version named Hank.

Available: Hank Gold Honeycomb NecklaceStone & Honey by Small Things

iVolution Top Leather Blackberry Bold Case by Vaja

Customizable!  Adorable!  Yes, please.

Available: iVolution Top by Vaja Leather Products

Seconds Dinner Plates by Jason Miller

I love the beauty in mistakes.  So does Jason Miller.

Available: Seconds Dinner Plates by Jason Miller via Design Public

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