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Jurassic Robot Dinosaur by Sage12888

Grimlock smash!  And only 3cm tall, at that.

Available: Jurassic Robot Dinosaur by Sage 12888 via Etsy


Robot Messenger Bags – Majestyinc

Oh, no!  Vegan messenger bag robots!

Available: Orange Robot & Black Robot Messenger Bags by Majestyinc via Etsy

Louis the Horse – Daresong

Hand stitched on paper, holy crap!

Available: Louis the Horse by Daresong via Etsy

Steamline Luggage

Yes please, I would very much like to go traveling.  Where are we going?

Available: The Producer Series via Steamline Luggage

Large Food Storage Cabinet – Ella’s Kitchen

Ah, lovely storage!  Lovely storage in a lovely colour!  Hey, next time you go to the UK, pick me up one of these, okay?

Available: Large Food Storage Cabinet via Ella’s Kitchen Company

Harakiri Mouse Jaw Necklace

This would be a perfect companion to my Erica Weiner Mouse Pelvis Necklace.

Available: Harakiri Mouse Jaw Necklace via Reborn

Aldo Applin High Top Pumps

No, I don’t think it would be advisable to play basketball in these.  But, holy crap, the things that you could do in them.

Available: Applin High Top Pumps via Aldo

Walter Fall 2009 Collection

I feel like I could grab a Walter piece out of my closet for any occasion I needed to dress for, and it would be exactly the right thing.  Someone needs to put those pieces in  my closet now.

View: The Full Walter Fall 2009 Collection via

Victoria Beckham Fall 2009 Collection

Yes, I have a soft spot for Posh’s Mouret-like pieces.  I’m not ashamed.

View: The Full Victoria Beckham Fall 2009 Collection via

Lela Rose Fall 2009 Collection

Office, out with friends, then cocktails.  Sigh.

View: The Full Lela Rose Fall 2009 Collection via

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