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Canteen Hook and Knob – Very Good and Proper

An indication of brilliant design? When this shape of the thing makes you want to do what it’s intended for.  I wish to hang something on this and use it as a door pull at the same time.  Win!

View: Very Good and Proper products

Silver Fox Stole Necklace – Bbel

A stole. But silver. And not dead animal.

Available: Silver Fox Stole Necklace by Bbel via Etsy

Covet and Bought – Mackage Becca Leather Jacket

Mackage can do no wrong. Which is why I tend to buy a new one every couple of years.  Thank God for sales.

This time around, I decided to replace my 15+ year old leather jacket.  Today, I welcomed Becca to the family.  I can’t believe just how soft she is.  It’s almost crazy, it is.


Manymals – Markus Diebel

Organic forms that completely capture the animals they represent.  Adore.

Read More: Manymals by Markus Diebel at

Layer Dress – Geren Ford

Layers are lovely.  And I am surprisingly adoring of the stripes and the whole colour story.

Available: Layer Dress by Geren Ford

Necklaces – Gwen Delicious

A) Anything that makes me think of me rules.

B) I love letterpress and typewriters.

C) And the idea of skeleton keys.

Letterpress Initial Necklace:

Vintage Typewriter Key Necklace:

Small Skeleton Key Necklace:

Gwen Delicious Necklaces via Etsy

Oh Happy Day Ring – Weasel Factory

This would’ve made today’s grey rain bearable.

Available: Oh Happy Day Ring by Weasel Factory via Etsy

Angelique Platform Booties – Pour la Victoire

In these, I would almost hit 5’7″.  Also, motorcycle boots, but totally not.

Available: Angelique Platform Booties by Pour la Victoire via Luxe Label

Spring / Summer 2010 – Paris Li

Elle Canada tweeted about this Toronto-based designer today.  I love everything in this collection. Simple, lovely, versatile.

View: Spring / Summer 2010 by Paris Li

Mr. Villains Class of 1983 Print – Christopher Lee

It all makes sense now.

Available: Mr. Villains Class of 1983 Print by Christopher Lee via Big Cartel

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