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Samuel Sandal – Humanoid

Ankle ties make me weak in the knees.  Which probably makes it good that the shoes are tied on to your legs, in case you fall over.

Available: Samuel Sandal by Humanoid


Quill Feather Single Bangle – Alex and Ani

Russian silver. I wonder if it drinks vodka.  There’s nothing worse then a drunk bird.

PS: I love it when I come across a Canadian boutique – in this case, Victoria, BC’s Charlie & Lee –  that sells things online.  No duties or taxes for me to worry about!  More, please.  And a lovely selection of brands, Charlie & Lee!

Available: Quill Feather Single Bangle by Alex and Ani via Charlie & Lee

Wonder Woman Logo Tee – Junk Food

I grew up with Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman as a staple TV show. Wonder Woman Underoos were amoungst my favourite things ever. I still look on the Wonder Woman as a kick ass role model.  Damn, even Weezer chomped on her logo for their band insignia.

I want this shirt.

Available: Wonder Woman Logo Tee by Junk Food via Revolve

Sills Peep Toe Pumps – Aldo

I love me some Beyond Thunderdome shoe action.

Available: Sills Peep Toe Pumps by Aldo

Fyrcat Picnic Charcoal Grill – Bodum

I wish to put this in my pocket and carry it around. If it had a nose, I would kiss it.  It is THAT CUTE.

Available: Fyrcat Picnic Charcoal Grill by Bodum

Arrow Ring – Miju And You

An excellent way to remember where you’re going to.  Copper with dipped coloured rubber.

Available: Arrow Ring by Miju And You via Etsy

2009/2001 Collection – Anh Tuan

Leather.  Detailed, detailed leather. Adoring the close-fit tunics/dresses over tights.  Loving the sheer, layered but flowy skirt and minimal top. Wanting the tight cropped jacket over slimfit pants.  Please and thank you.

View: 2009/2001 Collection by Anh Tuan

Two Sweet Tops – Eley Kishimoto

And I mean SWEET.

Flowers-print cardigan!

Peter Pan collar!


Loose V-neck Tee with Square Crystal Shoulder – Generation Love

I am loving loose, low cut neckline tees this season, pared with a slim and minimal silhouette on the bottom. Possibly showing a lot o’ leg.

Available: Loose V-neck Tee with Square Crystal Shoulder by Generation Love

Spring 2010 Pieces – Mara Hoffman

While I’m mostly meh about Mara Hoffman’s Spring 2010 line, the three silhouettes below make my heart beat faster.  The first two are also all about a pattern-explosion, which I adore.  And the last, in stark white, even makes me adore the shredded back.

View: Spring 2010 Collection by Mara Hoffman

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