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Geometric Print Dress – Margarita Saplala

Brilliant print.  I don’t know where to start looking, and where to stop looking.  I just want to stare and stare and stare.

Available: Geometric Print Dress by Margarita Saplala via UPC Boutique


Kayla Cowl Front Ruffle Dress – Corey Lynn Calter

I’m generally anti-ruffle, but these, well, they don’t seem like ruffles, you know? They look like a separate sleeveless cardigan, and that, I like.

Available: Kayla Cowl Front Ruffle Dress by Corey Lynn Calter

Manolo Blahnik for Libery of London

SHUT UP, I KNOW!  Release date: September 10, 2010 at the Liberty of London flagship store.

View: More shoes from the Manolo Blahnik for Liberty of London collection at Grazia Fashion

Nicoletta Diagonal Zip Mini Skirt – Corey Lynn Calter

For those days when I’m feeling a little punk. Which seems to be happening more often lately.

Available: Nicoletta Diagonal Zip Mini Skirt by Corey Lynn Calter

Silk Tunic – Juma

Additional adoration for what I see as an abstract seaside town-scape, in a simple, fitted look with an unexpected mandarin-style collared neckline.  Would wear this all year ’round, as a shorter dress (I’m a shorty, so tunics are usually dress-length on me) with bare legs, and a tunic over leggings or skinny jeans (really, a shorter dress over leggings or skinny jeans).

So what I’m saying is that this needs to come to my house.

Available: Silk Tunic by Juma

Drapery Fabric – Rodarte for Knoll

Sweet baby Jesus, I want to redecorate and build a home around this fabric.

Auden in 3 colourways:

Auden in Full Moon:

View: Auden and 7 other Rodarte designed fabrics at Knoll

Ceramic Pieces – Maria Wojdat

Freaking adorable.

Also, are you proud that I didn’t make a who-jdat joke?

Available: Ceramic Pieces by Maria Wojdat via Gallery Plus UK

Draped Neck Dress – Lida Baday

You know I’m a fool for a draped neckline, but I love this print as well – a cityscape that looks like an animal print.  Goddamn!

Available: Draped Neck Dress by Lida Baday via Your Choice

Striped Shimmer Tee – Madewell

Striped tees are all well and good, but I have even more love for something that looks special. That looks like you spent time making a decision on what to wear.  And that still looks easy.

Available: Striped Shimmer Tee by Madewell

3-Strand Shell Necklace with Rings – Dandi Maestre

Lovely circles, made out of shells.  Purple.  Mother of pearl.  And, best of all?  Convertible to a choker.  Although I think the last time I wore a choker, I spent a lot of time in my bedroom, singing along to Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” on the radio.

But still!

Available: 3-Strand Shell Necklace with Rings by Dandi Maestre

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