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35mm Sewn Slides – Lauren DiCioccio

New Art Crush!  Lauren DiCioccio is an embroidering genius.  Adore her takes on media and tradition.  Freaking love.

View: 35mm Sewn Slides by Lauren DiCioccio


Plera Pendant Lamp – DZ Studio

A concept that I wish to see made real.  Wood trim!

View: Plera Pendant Lamp by DZ Studio

Flower Print Silk Dress – Jenny Han

Flowy and lovely and light and airy. Perfection.

Available: Flower Print Silk Dress by Jenny Han via Billie Boutique

Riding Jacket – LuluLemon Lab

I have a devoted relationship to LuluLemon workout clothing that spans the better part of a decade.  The line has a single “Lab” location in Vancouver, where designers come up with pieces sold only in-store, that store, and in-person.  I’ve loved many a unique piece, but none so much as the Riding Jacket.  Clean, crisp lines of a riding jacket, comfort and stretch of a cotton/Lycra blend.  OH. MY. GOD. I WANT.

Two wishes:

  1. LuluLemon Lab to take online/phone orders
  2. LuluLemon to put this into wide production

View: More photos of the Riding Jacket and other pieces at the LuluLemon Lab Facebook Page

Buckle Ankle Boots – Burberry

Oh.  Want.  Now.

Available: Buckle Ankle Boots by Burberry via Saks

Francis Pettygrove Satchel – Vanport Outfitters

Satchels make me long for the days when I was young, and obsessed with Anne of Green Gables and loved the idea of using a satchel to carry my books to school.

Available: Francis Pettygrove Satchel by Vanport Outfitters

“Francisco Goya – Saturn Devours His Son” – Remixed by Luke Chueh

I have been art-crushing hard on Luke Chueh for years. Everything he does feels a little like me.  This take on Goya’s “Saturn Devours His Son” (check the Wikipedia entry for the original) is just my latest covet from his works.

Available: Print – “Francisco Goya – Saturn Devours His Son” – Remixed by Luke Chueh via Corey Helford Gallery


Doctor’s Bag – Steven Alan

I am smitten.

Available: Doctor’s Bag by Steven Alan via Revolve Clothing

Woodford Dress – Obakki

Grey wool dress. Love.  AMAZING NECKLINE, FOR REAL.

Okay, so it’s available in black too.  Check out the neckline.  It’s killing me.

Available: Woodford Dress by Obakki

Asymmetrical Burnout Wrap Dress – Foley + Corinna

Big fan of the Foley + Corinna bags.  Big fan of this Ready to Wear dress.  By freaking Foley + Corrina.  Who knew?

Available: Asymmetrical Burnout Wrap Dress by Foley + Corinna via

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