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Tiny Heart Necklace with Hand Stamped Initial – Mon Cadeau

While the listing for this is all about ordering this for your bridesmaids, I say screw that noise, and get this sweetheart for yourself.  Or, you know, me.  And please don’t ask me to be your bridesmaid, unless we’re already besties like this, alright?

Seriously, it’s only $10 USD. Isn’t the entertainment I provide you worth that much?

Available: Tiny Heart Necklace with Hand Stamped Initial by Mon Cadeau via Etsy


Canvas And Leather Tool Bag – Sydney & Sons

A frame bag that is as far away from ladylike as possible.  I love.

Available: Canvas And Leather Tool Bag by Sydney & Sons via Etsy

American Rosewood IPhone Skin – Trunket

I am always a sucker for tech items with an old-timey twist. IPhone skins made from real wood?  I’m there.  Available in a number of colours, I’m most partial to the Violet-toned one.  Of course.

Available: American Rosewood IPhone Skin by Trunket

Owl Locket – Disaya

I swear, Owls are the new Mustache (which were, of course, the new Owl). Cycle of silly trends continues!

Still, I do love this, and the fact that it’s a locket only makes it that much more interesting and lovely.

Available: Owl Locket by Disaya via Revolve

Hold Me Mug – J Fish Designs

I love coffee.  Sometimes I just want to cuddle up with it.  And the shape of this mug?  TOTALLY SUPPORTS THAT INSANE DESIRE.  I want to spoon with my coffee!  And I make horrible puns.

Available: Hold Me Mug by JFish Designs via Etsy

High Heeled Jodhpur – Swedish Hasbeens

Pretty, bright, and pretend-for-the-horse-set!


Vintage Bicycle on Stripes Laptop Bag – Track and Field Designs

Two things that I love – computers and bicycles.  Added onto an adorable striped fabric, with the ability to say “old time-y” and it not seem odd?  It makes me coo.

Available: Vintage Bicycle on Stripes Laptop Bag by Track and Field Designs via Etsy

Motocross Leather Jacket – Vince

I have a documented love for moto-y leather jackets.  What you don’t know is my recently discovered love for cognac-y, butterscotch-y browns.

Available: Motocross Leather Jacket by Vince via Revolve (my boutique’s shelf page, natch)

Art Crush: Hayley Schmalz

Yesterday, I stopped by a brand spanking new shop in Uptown Waterloo called Bon Mot.  It’s full of all of the kinds of things I love – like a well curated, in-person Etsy – and, even better, it introduced me to a new artist to fall in love with.

Hayley Schmalz’s deer pieces are absolute perfection. Anthropomorphized animals in bright, bold colours, rendered in lovely contour lines.  LOVE.

Check it (photos grabbed from Bon Mot’s Facebook album, photos taken by Melissa Lukezic):

I think I love Enid most of all.  She’s the one in the yellow-green sweater, and is clever, enjoys a game of dominos and likes to ask questions. If they’re still available in February, I know exactly what I’m going to get myself as a birthday present.

Eugene, the dapper one in the tie and blazer, is going to live at my friend and hairstylist Jodi’s place.  And he couldn’t have a better home.


Cecilia Necklace – Rocaille

Stones re-purposed from a circa 1960s belt in an amazing, over the top bib necklace?  I am so there.

Available: Cecilia Necklace by Rocaille

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