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Flared Dress – Herve Leger

You usually don’t associate the word flirty with a Herve Leger bandage dress, but here you are. It’s almost tennis-inspired, which I adore.  And, holy crap, do I need this dress.

Available: Flared Dress by Herve Leger via Forward by Revolve


Polished Silver Bunny Necklace – I Dream I Can Fly

I love bunnies. I mean, I may have fox pee in my garage that I spray on the areas of my fence that they use to come into my yard so they stay away from it, and my fruit and vegetable garden, but I still really do love them.

Available: Polished Silver Bunny Necklace by I Dream I Can Fly via Etsy

Pixelated Animal Sculptures – Shawn Smith

Dude, c’mon…I mean, really.

Double Dahl:



Random Access Memory:



View: More Pixelated Sculptures by Shawn Smith

Dip Dyed Timeless Trench – Gryphon New York

Appropriate for something to be worn in the rain, no? Also, so very pretty.

Available: Dip Dyed Timeless Trench by Gryphon New York via Bergdorf Goodman

Draped-back Printed Silk-blend Dress – Mara Hoffman

Cripes, how I love this print.

Available: Draped-back Printed Silk-blend Dress by Mara Hoffman via The Outnet

David Lynch | Rabbit – Famous When Dead

Rabbit, man.

Available: David Lynch | Rabbit by Famous When Dead via Society6

Leather Tank Dress – ADAM

If it comes in tank-format, it’s summer appropriate. Because I said so, that’s why.

Available: Leather Tank Dress by ADAM via ShopBop

Ruffle Skirt Tank Dress – Alice + Olivia

Prissy and laid back, all at the same time.  Like me.

Available: Ruffle Skirt Tank Dress by Alice + Olivia via ShopBop

Combo Dress – Helmut Lang

Structure, structure, structure. And yet, still summer.

Available: Combo Dress by Helmut Lang via Ssense

Hoot Vase

Delicate little owls. Who are not at all creepy.  Like real owls.  The bastards.

Available: Hoot Vase via Nood

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