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Leather Aida Heels – Alexander Wang

Winter is breathing it’s chill, sharp breath down my neck. So I resort to thinking about wearing summer on my feet.

Available: Leather Aida Heels by Alexander Wang via Ssense


Mini Dress – BCBG

I used to be all about BCBG, but it’s been years since they’ve been able to pique my interest. This, though, I adore. Like a colour-blocked sunset.

Available: Mini Dress by BCBG via Revolve

Gym Bag – Reed Krakoff

Right, so incredibly stupid as a gym bag, but absolutely brilliant for everyday wear.

Available: Gym Bag by Reed Krakoff

Westward Curiosities Satchel – Kate Spade

A traditional weekend bag that makes me want to travel.

Available: Westward Curiosities Satchel by Kate Spade

Francesca Tote – Marc by Marc Jacobs

I will always be a sucker for this shade of green. Possibly because it reminds me a being a kid, and getting a bottle of 7Up or Canada Dry and being delighted with everything about it; the colour of the bottle, the shape as I held it in my hand, the sound of my front teeth clicking against the rim.

Also, this is a damn pretty shape, yo.

Available: Francesca Tote by Marc by Marc Jacobs via Ssense

Belted Trench Coat – 10 Crosby by Derek Lam

It might be wool then trench coat weather, but I do like thinking ahead. A deep orange coat makes rainy weather seem almost okay.

Available: Belted Trench Coat by 10 Crosby by Derek Lam via ShopBop

Eden Flap Satchel – Botkier

Neon in a way that doesn’t scream LOOK AT MY FABULOUS BAG.  But, really, look at that fabulous bag.

Available: Eden Flap Satchel by Botkier via Nordstrom

One Day I’ll Be Reckless…Tote Bag – Maude & Tilda

It is true. One day I will be reckless enough to buy myself a Hermes bag.  Today, however, is not that day.

Available: One Day I’ll Be Reckless…Tote Bag by Maude & Tilda

Short Phantom Dress – McQ by Alexander McQueen

I am intrigued by the way the print on this shift dress makes it look like two distinct pieces – a haunting, digitally printed top and a knife-pleated skirt.  In reality? Ain’t no skirt, ain’t no pleats.  Illusion!

If I was an illusionist, I’d be all Final Countdown theme music and would shout ILLUSION! all the time.  I guess it’s a good thing I’m not an illusionist.

Available: Short Phantom Dress by McQ by Alexander McQueen via Ssense

Leather Bangle – Study O Portable

Brings the studded leather wristband I wore as an indie rock jerk to another level. (I’m still a jerk. Both that way and the Unyon way)

Available: Leather Bangle by Study O Portable via Sight Unseen

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