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Mock Neck Leather Dress – Raoul

Oh my dear, I clapped like a little girl when I saw this. Can you imagine this with a fake peter-pan collar? I TOTALLY CAN.

Available: Mock Neck Leather Dress by Raoul via ShopBop


Alphabet Rings – Catbird

So delicate and tiny and perfect for my birdbone fingers. I would just do a small stack of my initials – MLB.  Oh, no, that looks like some kind of tacky sports tribute.  MB it would be, then.

Available: Alphabet Rings by Catbird

Long Silk Belted Gown – 3.1 Phillip Lim


Available: Long Silk Belted Gown by 3.1 Phillip Lim via Ssense

Lucille Linen Dress – Acne

Anything this colour will turn my head. And I’m glad this did, as I adore the pairing of a demure silhouette with such an electric shade.

Available: Lucille Linen Dress by Acne via Forward

Purple Leather Pants – Current/Elliott

Just like how ponies are a good idea because they’re ponies, here is why these purple leather pants are a good idea: they’re purple leather pants.

Available: Purple Leather Pants by Current/Elliott via Ssense

Gingham Pumps – Marc Jacobs

For a picnic. Inside.

Fancy, prissy, aweome.

Available: Gingham Pumps by Marc Jacobs via Forzieri

Vintage Dark Red Metal Frame Leather Doctor Bag – Marais de Lannoy

Freaking GORGEOUS.

Available: Vintage Dark Red Metal Frame Leather Doctor Bag by Marais de Lannoy via Etsy

Florencia Combo Dress – Milly

Faux shoulder harness? I’LL TAKE IT.

Available: Florencia Combo Dress by Milly via Revolve

Alma Bustier Dress – Erdem

Erdem’s usual is not so usual; a sleeker look for his lovely prints.

Available: Alma Bustier Dress by Erdem via Bergdorf Goodman

Elan Leather and Rubber Wedges – Diane Von Furstenberg

I am so ready for sandal weather. Also, WEDGE.

Available: Elan Leather and Rubber Wedges by Diane Von Furstenberg via Net-a-Porter

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