Covet & Went: Greta Constantine Midsummer Affair

Last night, all up in the Annex in Toronto, Greta Constantine threw a kickass Midsummer Affair.

Lisa Tant, Hello Canada publisher, talks with Stephen Wong, one half of Greta Constantine

Amoungst the Stoli-sponsored bars, Purdy’s Chocolate ice cream pop station, and wandering servers carrying pool-party inspired bites, a single model wearing a piece from the forthcoming SS2013 collection circulated, giving us an advance, up-close look at a bit of summer-white loveliness.

The evening also had one of the best things that I’ve see all summer – a team of synchronized swimmers (in GC-designed swimsuits, of course), performing a full routine to Gwen Stephani’s Holla Back Girl.  Synchro!  DUDE.  Amazing.

The team, twirling umbrellas, walked from the back porch to the pool. Leesa Butler from to the left, y’all.

The lingering crowd. Soundtrack provided by InXS and Janet Jackson. Perfection.

A lovely dress, a brilliant spectacle, and excellent conversation. Greta Constantine’s Midsummer Affair? So, so good.



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