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I’m Sorry for What I Said When I was Hungry Card – Print Smitten

The only kind of apology card I would ever need.Available: I’m Sorry for What I Said When I was Hungry Card by Print Smitten via Etsy

Pierson Backpack – Tory Burch

All I’m saying is: backpacks as statement bags? That could be happening.Available: Pierson Backpack by Tory Burch

Peperino Folded Knitted Dress – Roland Mouret

When done by Mouret, origami dresses are perfection. Which is why, I reckon, there’ve been so many versions by other designers in the past few years.Available: Peperino Folded Knitted Dress by Roland Mouret via Net-a-Porter

Contrast Side Panel Dress – Pink Tartan

I do love to see simple, geometric shapes in contrasting colours that aren’t black and white. So, TADA!

Available: Contrast Side Panel Dress by Pink Tartan via Hudson’s Bay

Neutral Print Jeans – McQ and IRO

I think I would deal best with incidental, monochromatic patterns on jeans. Like these by McQ:And these by IRO, like I spilled something on my jeans, but daaaaamn, look how cool it looks:Available:

The ‘Bots String Bikini – We Are Handsome

I promised to not buy any more bikinis. BUT I’M STILL GOING TO LOOK AT THEM. Because: robots.
Available: The ‘Bots String Bikini by We Are Handsome via Ssense

Team Margiela T-shirt – LPD

Yup. (I am not so secretly looking for a woman’s version of their McQueen tee).

Available: Team Margiela T-shirt by LPD via Net-a-Porter

Monkey Ring – Marc Alary

This. So much, this.

Available: Monkey Ring by Marc Alary

Striped Pocket Sweater – Proenza Schouler

I would live in this in the fall. And at this price, I would pretty much have to.c5987cb4d8270238cc7528c98ecb59d3Available: Striped Pocket Sweater by Proenza Schouler via Ssense

Horse Sweater – Lucca Couture



Available: Horse Sweater by Lucca Couture via Revolve Clothing

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