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Cordovan Wedge Bootie – Pierre Hardy

Wedge bootie, wedge bootie, wedge bootie, for sure.

Available: Cordovan Wedge Bootie by Pierre Hardy via Forward by Elyse Walker

Lolita Tee Shirt Dress – IRO

A structured t-shirt dress? OH, HELLO, THERE.

Available: Lolita Tee Shirt Dress by IRO via Forward by Elyse Walker

Dorothy Leather Jacket – Mackage

Holy shit, this green.

Available: Dorothy Leather Jacket by Mackage

Chevron Pattern Sleeveless Knit Top – RVN

Well, okay then.

Available: Chevron Pattern Sleeveless Knit Top by RVN via Intermix

Asymmetrical Leather Skirt – Cedric Charlier

This is pretty much the sexiest thing I have seen all month.

Available: Asymmetrical Leather Skirt by Cedric Charlier via ShopBop

Endless Dress – Blessed Are The Meek

Black and blues, but so much prettier then a bruise.

Available: Endless Dress by Blessed Are The Meek via Revolve Clothing

Slim Wedge Biker Boots – McQ by Alexander McQueen

To add to my superhero wardrobe.

Available: Slim Wedge Biker Boots by McQ by Alexander McQueen via Ssense

Kay Convertible Backpack – ONE by Helianthus

I told you, man, backpacks. Ever better? CONVERTABLE backpacks.

Available: Kay Convertible Backpack by ONE by Helianthus via ShopBop

Coma High Neck Top – Helmut Lang

I need to stop looking at Helmut Lang. Because I keep constructing a whole wardrobe in my head, and get sad when I open my closets and that imagined wardrobe is no where in sight.

Available: Coma High Neck Top by Helmut Lang via Forward by Elyse Walker

Otter Disgrace Tee – Black Score

I pretty much want to be Otter Disgrace.

Available: Otter Disgrace Tee by Black Score

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