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Bunny Alarm Clock – Emily + Meritt


Available: Bunny Alarm Clock by Emily + Meritt via PBTeen


USB Tech Turntable – Crosely

I have been without a turntable for the past couple of years. Certain friends of mine will know how much of a blasphemy this is.  My records are lonely and unplayed on a shelf, including, but not limited to My  Bloody Valentine’s “Loveless”, the first Queens of the Stone Age ever, Rick Springfield’s “Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet”, Shawn Cassidy’s “That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll”, my 1st ever 45, and it goes on.

In short, I need a record player. And I want one that can rip from vinyl to MP3, and contains its own speaker system.  SELF SUFFICIENT RECORD PLAYER, PLEASE.

Oh, there you are!

Available: USB Tech Turntable by Crosely via

Fyrcat Picnic Charcoal Grill – Bodum

I wish to put this in my pocket and carry it around. If it had a nose, I would kiss it.  It is THAT CUTE.

Available: Fyrcat Picnic Charcoal Grill by Bodum

Single Serve Brewing System – Cuisinart

I love my Senseo, but it is a bargazillion years old, and I have to drive an hour away to get pods for the sucker.  This one will let me use a My KCup and fill it with my own ground bean.  I think when I’m done with my current box o’ Senseo pods, I’ll be investing in a new single serve coffee maker.

View: Single Serve Brewing System by Cuisinart

Bistro Two Slice Toaster – Bodum

Toasters can be so pretty.  So pretty!

Available: Bistro Two Slice Toaster by Bodum via Sur la Table

Radiators by i-Radium

It almost makes you wish that winter would last a little longer.

Read: An Article about i-Radium at Trendir

EN5 – Jura Single Serve Grind and Brew Coffee Machine

Coffee.  Sigh.

View: EN5 Single Serve Grind and Brew Coffee Machine by Jura

I Can’t Wait to be a Homeowner Again

There are advantages to renting when you move to a new city – you get to know neighbourhoods and really figure out where you want to put down roots.

On the flipside, damn, you’re stuck with appliances that can be kind of stinky.

When I get to slap on the leash of a mortgage, hopefully, all things working out the way I hope they will, in mid-2009, I’ll be very much wanting to fill my kitchen with these retro-style appliances by Northstar.

Available at: Elmira Stove Works

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