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AV Room Portable USB Record Player – Crosley

Yep. Yep, yep, yep.

Available: AV Room Portable USB Record Player by Crosley via Urban Outfitters


USB Tech Turntable – Crosely

I have been without a turntable for the past couple of years. Certain friends of mine will know how much of a blasphemy this is.  My records are lonely and unplayed on a shelf, including, but not limited to My  Bloody Valentine’s “Loveless”, the first Queens of the Stone Age ever, Rick Springfield’s “Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet”, Shawn Cassidy’s “That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll”, my 1st ever 45, and it goes on.

In short, I need a record player. And I want one that can rip from vinyl to MP3, and contains its own speaker system.  SELF SUFFICIENT RECORD PLAYER, PLEASE.

Oh, there you are!

Available: USB Tech Turntable by Crosely via

American Rosewood IPhone Skin – Trunket

I am always a sucker for tech items with an old-timey twist. IPhone skins made from real wood?  I’m there.  Available in a number of colours, I’m most partial to the Violet-toned one.  Of course.

Available: American Rosewood IPhone Skin by Trunket

Vintage Bicycle on Stripes Laptop Bag – Track and Field Designs

Two things that I love – computers and bicycles.  Added onto an adorable striped fabric, with the ability to say “old time-y” and it not seem odd?  It makes me coo.

Available: Vintage Bicycle on Stripes Laptop Bag by Track and Field Designs via Etsy

CR6004A Oval USB Turntable – Crosley Radio

I need a new turntable.  I have vinyl that needs to be played and nothing to play it on.  Come to me, CR6004A!  Come to me!

That is much less seductive then I thought it would be.

Available: CR6004A Oval USB Turntable by Crosley Radio

Pi Headphones – Vestalife

So pretty, I wouldn’t worry about what they’re doing to my hair.  In fact, they’re so  much like headbands, I bet Blair Waldorf would approve.

Read about this forthcoming product, as well as new earbuds by the same design team, at FastCompany.

HP Mini – Studio Tord Boontje & HP

I have much love for Tord Boontje.  I have a completely unnecessary desire for a netbook.  When you put them together, and when HP decides to use a new imprinting technology to create a casing with a layered, 3D design, I become unable to resist.

Available for Pre-Order: HP Mini by Studio Tord Boontje via  HP

Striped Headphones – Zumreed

Shucka-shucka-shuck.  This is the sound of me sscratching records.  Wearing these:

View: All the sweet products by Zumreed

iVolution Top Leather Blackberry Bold Case by Vaja

Customizable!  Adorable!  Yes, please.

Available: iVolution Top by Vaja Leather Products

Legno Turntable

I still gots vinyl, and would play my records even more on a sexy little thing like this.

View: Legno Turntable spotted by The Modern Materialist

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