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2009/2001 Collection – Anh Tuan

Leather.  Detailed, detailed leather. Adoring the close-fit tunics/dresses over tights.  Loving the sheer, layered but flowy skirt and minimal top. Wanting the tight cropped jacket over slimfit pants.  Please and thank you.

View: 2009/2001 Collection by Anh Tuan

Annie Havlicek Fall/Winter 2009 Collection

Flapper & sheaths = I love you Annie Havlicek.

View: Annie Havlicek Fall/Winter 2009 Collection

This Dress Makes Me Breathless – Greta Constantine

Seriously.  The neckline, the sleeves, the belt – I wish for it to be fall, and for this dress to be mine.

View: Greta Constantine Fall 2009 Collection

Plaid Motorcycle Jacket – PullAndBear

If plaid is here for another year, it better be in a jacket like this:

View: Fall/Winter 2009/2010 PullAndBear Collection

Fall 2009 Collection – Felder Felder

Though only these two pieces make my heart beat faster, those two pieces?   MAN.

View the collection: Felder Felder Fall 2009 via

Leanne Marshall Fall 2009 Collection

Even better then her winning Project Runway final collection.

View: Leanne Marshall Fall 2009 Collection

Silk Organza French Maiden Dress – RedDoll by Tatyana Merenyuk

Though the only place I could wear this would be on top of a music box, I’m totally okay with that.

View the collection: RedDoll by Tatyana Merenyuk Fall 2009

Keith by Keith Lissner Fall 2009 Collection

When I first viewed the Keith by Keith Lissner Fall 2009 collection, two things happened:

  1. A gasp
  2. A quick emailing to Lissner’s team to find out what stores in Canada, and, thinking of an upcoming trip, San Francisco, carried the line.

Although currently available only through Lissner’s online shop, Amanda from The Green Room NYC, the showroom that will be handling the line’s wholesale expansion, says they’re currently on the hunt for stores to sell the line into.  And that, should you want to purchase online, that the dresses have a very similar fit the DVF.  Sweet.  Also, stores, c’mon, get on it.

Anyway, the lovely pictures –







Available: Keith by Keith Lissner Fall 2009 Collection via

And Toronto’s LG Fashion Week, Fall 2009, Begins – David Dixon and Greta Constantine

From the pre-week show, Greta Constantine Fall 2009

And David Dixon Fall 2009.  This is not the David Dixon for Barbie Collection, kids.


Walter Fall 2009 Collection

I feel like I could grab a Walter piece out of my closet for any occasion I needed to dress for, and it would be exactly the right thing.  Someone needs to put those pieces in  my closet now.

View: The Full Walter Fall 2009 Collection via

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