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Canteen Hook and Knob – Very Good and Proper

An indication of brilliant design? When this shape of the thing makes you want to do what it’s intended for.  I wish to hang something on this and use it as a door pull at the same time.  Win!

View: Very Good and Proper products


Bond Console – Jonathan Adler

I would like Mr Adler to decorate my whole house, please.  Let’s start with this:

Available: Bond Console by Jonathan Adler

Steel Panel Bed – Delia Furniture

Ah, now I want to learn to work with steel (but not in a Flashdance way) so I can make a bed like this!

Available: Steel Panel Bed by Delia Furniture via Etsy

Bench – Conor Klein

Delicate and strong at the same time.  Yowza.

View more photos at

Modular Bookcase – Dror for Target

I would fill a whole wall with these and be content that my life contained such an amazing storage option.

They nest and stack!

View: Images from the complete Dror for Target collection

Fusion Table and Chairs – Ikea

What, no silly Euro-faux name?  Man, Ikea, you surprise me.  And have found a relevant spot in my life again.

Available:  Fusion Table and Chairs by Ikea

Tables – Michael Arras

I would fill a room just with Michael Arras’ tables.

Available: Tables by Michael Arras via Etsy

RNI Tables – Chul an Kwak

Fluid, and servicable.  I would like one for my new front hall please.  PS: housewarming presents will be accepted after July 27.

View detailed images: RNI Tables by Chul an Kwak via Design Boom

Suitcase Vanity Cabinet – VanityCase

Alright, today there is nothing more excellent than this hand made vanity case made from an up-cycled suitcase.  I mean, seriously, just look at it.  It makes me want to run to my closet and open all my suitcases, just in case one developed such fabulous innards like this one.

PS: Boozehounds, check out VanityCase’s liquor cabinets.

Available: Vanity Cabinet by Vanity Case via Etsy

Collect Chest of Drawers – Wis Design

I could compose a whole house around these chest of drawers.

View: Collect Chest of Drawers by Wis Design

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