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Covet & Watch – Line Knitwear FW2012

Good knitwear is worth it’s weight in gold, that ain’t no lie. Line’s FW2012 showed off a mess of such loveliness, making an anal retentive planner like me start a list of things I’d like to be wearing this winter.  I’m not much of an oversized-drapey sweater kind of girl, as, given my smaller-side-of-small stature, I tend to look like I’m being swallowed by clothing, but I really did have to get down with the brilliant play on proportions on most of the looks sent down the runway. Skinnyskinny pants (LOVE) were just the thing needed with the more voluminous toppers.

The standout pieces seemed the most a-typical of Line’s aesthetic. A#1 = a black and white chevron dress with leather sleeves, followed closely by a killer grey leather aviator jacket, a bateau-neck berry, mustard and black striped sweater, and two geometric pattern open knit numbers – one in shades of grey, and the other with purple accents.

Before I send you on to view the collection at Toronto Life, here are a few shots I took, via phone, before and during the show.

View: Complete Like Knitwear FW2012 Collection at Toronto Life

Covet & Watch- Greta Constantine FW2012

The Arcadian Loft was the latest venue to see Greta Constantine stomp down the runway.  Located in Toronto’s Simpson Tower, 8 floors above Queen & Bay, the space played to the soft v. urban identity that the Gretas have been taking the label in recent collections.

Here are a couple of pictures I took via phone; artsy!

The first half of the 52-look show tread ground that Pickersgill & Wong firmly laid claim to years ago – jewel-tone drapey lovelies that are the cornerstone of their identity.  What felt new to these looks were discrete cutouts, full back reveals, and two colours that blew me away; a bottle green reminiscent of sea glass found on a grey, beach day, and a vibrant magenta.

Photos from here-on lifted from BlogTO’s Facebook Album




The second half of the presentation fell to a darker, sleeker style. Blacks and dark greys, some in a lovely double-knit, were more structured and cinched, accented by metallic adornments, sequins and leathers. Chunky and super-sheer knits, added through a partnership with Dylan Uscher, were a lovely, new dimension for the label’s overall look.

The standout pieces for me were pretty damn surprising.  Why?  Because I have never liked even the simple idea of a jumpsuit.  Not only did I find GC’s take on this silhouette, low-waisted and structured, yet not form-fitting, new and exciting, but dammit, if I didn’t want all three to find a home in my closet.  The two sleeveless versions had a brilliant streamlined vibe, while the puffed shoulder on the sleeved version took the piece to a more romantic (dude, I know.  I KNOW) place.

For real, it was a kick-ass presentation; I only feel that it would have been even stronger had the line-up been edited down by, say, 5 or 10 pieces.  A few inclusions on the runway felt like pulls from prior collections, and while it shows the strength and bloodline of the brand, I felt I was saying, “Didn’t I see that two/three/four collections ago?” a little too often.

View: Full Greta Constantine FW2012 full collection via BlogTO / Michael Ho on Facebook

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