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Plunging Halter Maillot – Lenny

How can you not fall in love with a swimsuit that is based around the classic wrap dress?  Sounds impossible, but look, and you’ll see.

Available: Plunging Halter Maillot vy Lenny via Anthropologie


Road Bike – Vanilla Bicycles

While I adore my Giant, the thought of a custom, handcrafted road bike makes my stomach flutter.  I could even get behind a five year wait.  Maybe.  Oh, man.

View: Road Bikes by Vanilla Bicycles

Roller Skates!

In honour (and in jealousy) of my friend Andrea, who’s on her way to becoming a full fledged roller girl.

Available: Colorblock Roller Skates via

Hockey Helmet

Not because I like the sport – I don’t.  Because I smacked my forehead again today.  Goose egg and forthcoming bruise are not appreciated.

I go take Tylenol for headache now.

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