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Dress and Shirt – Zambesi

While I tend to side on the Team Structured side, sometimes a girl just has to go with easy and lovely.

Half-cut Dress, Double Belt:

Madonna T-Shirt:

View: Spring / Summer 2010 Collection by Zambesi


Structured Dress – Romina Karamanea

I have no information about this dress.  The only thing that I know is that I like it.  I am pretending that it is made of leather, because that just seems right.

View: Spring / Summer 2010 Collection by Romina Karamanea

Spring 2010 Collection – Gregory Parkinson

California Bohemian Hippie Chic.  Yeah, I just puked a little too, but look – so lovely.

View: Spring 2010 Collection by Gregory Parkinson

Spring 2010 Pieces – Mara Hoffman

While I’m mostly meh about Mara Hoffman’s Spring 2010 line, the three silhouettes below make my heart beat faster.  The first two are also all about a pattern-explosion, which I adore.  And the last, in stark white, even makes me adore the shredded back.

View: Spring 2010 Collection by Mara Hoffman

Spring / Summer 2010 – Maje Paris

The French do spring, so, so well.  So much so that it is making me think that shorts, perhaps, aren’t a bad idea.

View: Maje Paris Spring / Summer 2010 Collection

Spring / Summer 2010 – Paris Li

Elle Canada tweeted about this Toronto-based designer today.  I love everything in this collection. Simple, lovely, versatile.

View: Spring / Summer 2010 by Paris Li

Spring 2010 Collection – Aquilano.Rimondi

Since I just threw down a crazy amount of cash for a new furnace, let’s take a look at a collection that probably costs a whole street full of new heat machines.

View: Spring 2010 Collection by Aquilano.Rimondi via

Toronto Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2010 – Friday

This is the last Toronto Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2010, I think.  Beautiful and unseasonable by Ula Zukowska.

View: Spring/Summer 2010 Collection by Ula Zukowska via BlogTO

Toronto Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2010 – Thursday

Out of all of yesterday’s shows, the only thing that really made me say, “Oh, yes please!” were pieces from Rudsak.  Who would’ve known that I would fall head over heals for a poppy-coloured leather dress?

View the complete collection:

Toronto Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2010, Wednesday Shows

For spring, I want things that are bright and simple, or intricate and patterned.

Katrina Tuttle:

Reva Mivasagar:

View the collections:

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