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Hold Me Mug – J Fish Designs

I love coffee.  Sometimes I just want to cuddle up with it.  And the shape of this mug?  TOTALLY SUPPORTS THAT INSANE DESIRE.  I want to spoon with my coffee!  And I make horrible puns.

Available: Hold Me Mug by JFish Designs via Etsy


Polka Dot Ceramic Cup

Aaaaaaa-dorable.  Like drinking out of a clown.  Which is actually kind of gross, now that I think about it.  But this cup?  The total opposite of that.

Available: Polka Dot Ceramic Cup via Paper Source

Sea Ice Caravel Cup & Saucer – Amy Sol


Available Nov 12, 2010.

Available: Sea Ice Caravel Cup & Saucer by Amy Sol via This Is A Limited Edition / Click for Art

Rectangle and Round Faux Tupperwear Storage Containers – Yoyo Ceramics

Oh, so cheerful!  Also, ceramics in disguise.


Whale Pitcher – Jonathan Adler

Better then Fudgie the Whale.  For reals.

Available: Whale Pitcher by Jonathan Adler

Ceramic Pieces – Maria Wojdat

Freaking adorable.

Also, are you proud that I didn’t make a who-jdat joke?

Available: Ceramic Pieces by Maria Wojdat via Gallery Plus UK

Farmers Market Baskets – Jayson Home & Garden

Glazed bone china.  For reals, folks.  Summer.  All.  Year.  Round.

Available: Farmers Market Baskets by Jayson Home & Garden

Flying Saucer Bowl – Museum of Robots

I would like alien robots to fly fruit to me.

Available: Flying Saucer Bowl by Museum of Robots

Water Bottle – KOR One

If I drank a lot of whiskey, I’d want a beautiful flask. Since I drink a lot of water instead, I want one of these:

Available: Water Bottle by KOR One

Mr Wiggles Cup, Saucer and Mini Print – Tara McPherson

I love the McPherson, and I love the thought of drinking tisane tea out of these!

Available: Mr Wiggles Cup, Saucer and Mini Print by Tara McPherson via ClickForArt

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