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Bunny Dish by Wesley Harvey

Or, really, anything from Wesley Harvey’s brilliant mind – check out the galleries on his site!

But this – this is excellent.

Available: Bunny Dish by Wesley Harvey via Etsy

Texturas elBulli Mini Starter Kit

Because I love kitchen experiments, and it doesn’t get more experimental then the molecular gastronomy practiced at elBulli.

Available: Texturas elBulli Mini Starter Kit at Bien Manger
Viewed: My Last Bite via Photograzing

Initial Pendant

Just incase I forget what letter my name starts with.

Available: Initial Collection – M Pendant by MollyStuff via Etsy

The Marilyn Dress by Ureshii

This dress and a lovely, summer evening to wear it in.

Available: The Marilyn Dress by Ureshii via Etsy

Linea Pelle Leaf Green Dylan Tote

Okay, this is more of a have-been-coveting, Boxing-Week-Sales, Look-What-I-Bought post.  Sorry about that.  But look – a green leather bag in a shade that can be worn year ’round!

Hello, new every-day bag.  This leaf green colour is from the Fall 2008 line, so it might be a little hard to track down if you’re looking for it.  For instance, the Linea Pelle site doesn’t offer it any more.

Designer: Linea Pelle
Purchased: JBU, Waterloo, ON
Available: Luna Boston

Wesco Wasteman Kick

I reckon I’ll need one of these:

To go with the Northstar appliances.

Apologies for the lack of posting yesterday.  Holidays – what can you do?

Available: Wesco Wasteman Kick

Bird Pendant Light

I have no words.

Available: Bird Pendant Light from Urban Outfitters, via The Modern Materialist

Mackage Black Paige Jacket

You know when you covet something, and then it goes on sale?  And then an additional 40% discount is given because it’s for spring/autumn and you’re in the middle of winter?  It’s impossible not to snatch it up.

For those that are worried about my continuing allegance to the Mackage and Soia & Kyo lines, don’t be.  I’m okay with the fact that I’m a slave to these coats.

Not so available: Mackage Black Paige Jacket at (yes, I’m the ass who bought the last one).

Porcelain Milk Carton

This made me coo.  That’s always a good thing.

Available: Best Before (small) by Ricochet Studio, via Etsy

I Can’t Wait to be a Homeowner Again

There are advantages to renting when you move to a new city – you get to know neighbourhoods and really figure out where you want to put down roots.

On the flipside, damn, you’re stuck with appliances that can be kind of stinky.

When I get to slap on the leash of a mortgage, hopefully, all things working out the way I hope they will, in mid-2009, I’ll be very much wanting to fill my kitchen with these retro-style appliances by Northstar.

Available at: Elmira Stove Works

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