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Fall / Winter 2010 Collection – Reed Krakoff

Krakoff, creative director from Coach, has released his own full line this year. And when I say full, I mean full – clothing, bags, shoes, jewellery, the whole nine.  On trend, but still classic. Unique without being show pony about it.  Amaze.

Krafoff’s online boutique will be available starting Sept 7.

View: Fall / Winter 2010 Collection by Reed Krakoff


French Countryside Tote Bag – Locher’s

I’ve posted my love for Locher’s tops before, and now they’ve hit it out of the park with a number of lovely totes. Adore the blue and white bow on the French Countryside, and the embroidered messages you can choose to appear on the bag. Mine? Mine would be “I am the shit”. Because I am.

Available: French Countryside Tote Bag by Locher’s

Embroidered Kimono Dress – Something Else by Natalie Wood

I think this is one of those wear-anywhere pieces.  Dress it down and conservatively for the office, dress it up with amazing shoes and jewelery for a night out.

Fabric close-up:

Available: Embroidered Kimono Dress by Something Else by Natalie Wood via Revolve

Jeweltone Plasteramic Teal Watch – ToyWatch

I heart teal. I heart plasteramic (plastic + ceramic) bands.  I heart this.

Available: Jeweltone Plasteramic Teal Watch by ToyWatch via Christine Jewellers

Banded Raglan Top – Susana Monaco

Sometimes, a basic is very covetable.  See: me and this top.

Available: Banded Raglan Top by Susana Monaco via Revolve

Dresses, Fall 2010 – Diane von Furstenberg

For real, if I could have these four dresses, I swear to God I won’t have the urge to buy anything until 2011.


Linda Wrap – A sweater wrap dress in a print that would make me grasp my pearls. If I wore pearls.

Mirabel – The waistline and the skirt?  I can’t even start on them.

Ballerina Wrap – I sometimes think that I quit ballet because we never got those amazing ballerina wrap sweaters.  Those?  In dress form?  Motherfucking YES.


Chenoa Booties – Pedro Garcia

Yes, peep toe boot(ies) make no sense.  I DON’T CARE.  I have convinced myself that the wrapped upper will make them incredibly warm.

Available: Chenoa Booties by Pedro Garcia via Ssense

CLADR6 Dress – Mackage

That’s right, I said Mackage. Like I wasn’t in enough trouble with their coats and jackets, they have to release a ready-to-wear line too.  The shoulders are KILLING ME.

Available: CLADR6 Dress by Mackage

Gold Plated 10 Pyramid Cuff – Wendy Nichol

In my misspent youth, I wore a stuffed leather wristband every day.  I’d do the same with this, for sure.

Available: Gold Plated 10 Pyramid Cuff by Wendy Nichol via Confederacy

Ariel Miniskirt – Rag & Bone

What’s better then a sweater dress?  A sweater skirt.  I shit you not.

Available: Ariel Miniskirt by Rag & Bone via ShopBop

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