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Frame Wallet – Abas for Castor & Pollux

FRAME wallet, holy crap. I do like structure. And yes, that statement probably reveals too much about me.

Available: Frame Wallet by Abas for Castor & Pollux


Lux Leather Wallet – Proenza Schouler

The fashion pixies at Proenca Schouler (Keifer Sutherland, I still have beef with you for head-butting Jack) have opened an online shop.  Okay, a super-limited selection online shop, but still.  This wallet?  Perfection.

Tangentially related, talking about fashion pixies, if some channel up here doesn’t pick up DSquared2 Dan and Dean’s Launch my Line, I will cry.

Available: Lux Leather Wallet by Proenza Schouler

Scooter Love Chequebook Wallet by BCharmer

Have I told you all that I want to get a scooter?  I totally do.  So that makes my love for this 12x stronger.

Available: Scooter Love Checkbook Wallet by BCharmer

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