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Durant Heel – Report Signature

I dislike patent and overt gold hardware. Yet I love these.  It’s like that time I had a pineapple based dessert at Susur. The elements set me up to hate it, and yet it was the best thing ever.

Available: Durant Heel by Report Signature via Akira

Buckle Bracelet with Wood – Bruno Ninaber van Eyben

Wood-based jewellery will always be my downfall.  One of them, at least.

Available: Buckle Bracelet with Wood by Bruno Ninaber van Eyben via YLiving

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Poster – Claudia Varosio

Ferris Bueller is still the shit. I’ve even renamed one of our office meeting rooms after him.  And another after Dong from 16 Candles, but that’s another story.

Available: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Poster by Claudia Varosio via Etsy

Mr Wiggles Cup, Saucer and Mini Print – Tara McPherson

I love the McPherson, and I love the thought of drinking tisane tea out of these!

Available: Mr Wiggles Cup, Saucer and Mini Print by Tara McPherson via ClickForArt

Chain Watch – La Mer

Watch + wristband + chain bracelet = best of all worlds.

Available: Chain Watch by La Mer via Revolve

Bond Console – Jonathan Adler

I would like Mr Adler to decorate my whole house, please.  Let’s start with this:

Available: Bond Console by Jonathan Adler

Mr Sling Purse – Deadly Ponies

I don’t know, man. It’s just hot. Also, I would probably by anything from a line called Deadly Ponies.

Available: Mr Sling Purse by Deadly Ponies via Acrimony

Button-Back Sandal – Elizabeth and James

I swear, this reminds me of the bargazillion buttoned shirts that ladies would wear in the early 1900s. Or, better yet, reverse spats.

Available: Button-Back Sandal by Elizabeth and James via Neiman Marcus

Wolpertinger Deep V Tee – ChandiNYC

I love creatures like the jackalope, or the chupacabra. Am now in love with the idea of the wolpertinger – a rabbit with antlers, wings and fangs.  Best thing?  This tee is a lovely colour, printed using the burnout technique.  Dude.

Available: Wolpertinger Deep V Tee by ChandiNYC via Etsy

Coveted and Bought

Went shopping yesterday. And took pictures of the haul this morning. Things are actually a little darker then the photos below, but you’ll have to trust me on that.

I’ve been eying the Dylan Large Speedy in purple since it showed its face on the Linea Pelle website. While I was Holts on Bloor in Toronto, it kept calling to me from across the room. So I ended up bringing it home.

Ashley Rowe had a sample sale last night, and I scooped up a pink leather mini (well, mini on the tall – on me, it’s just above the knee) dress (!! I know. Pink. Leather. Dress). Same shape as the jewel-tone purple silk Miss Rowe I bought in the summer, but pink. And leather.  Did I mention it’s pink leather?  Anyway, as its a sample, it’s a couple sizes too big for me, and is getting sized down at a tailor that specializes in leather (pink) right now.

Then I went home.  I know when to call it a day.


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