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Detachable Collar – Akira

I don’t have an explanation. Don’t even think about asking for one.

Available: Detachable Collar by Akira


3/4 Sleeve Dress in Black – Elise Overland

Prissy military?  All I know is that if there was on dress I could buy this season, it would be this one.

Available: 3/4 Sleeve Dress in Black by Elise Overland via Forward by Revolve

Greenwich Medium Shoulder Bag – Gucci

I am a sucker for asymmetry. Just look at my hair (and if you’re in KW, get it done, like me, by Jodi, the kickass big cheese at Brown Salon) if you need proof.

Available: Greenwich Medium Shoulder Bag by Gucci via Bergdorf Goodman

Haircalf Kitten Heel Pumps – Giuseppe Zanotti

I mean, really, just look. And I don’t care what people say – I will always adore the kitten heel. And that’s even with being only 5’2″. And that’s even knowing that these Zanottis don’t come in a size 5 (35).  I WANT THEM THAT MUCH.

Available: Haircalf Kitten Heel Pumps by Giuseppe Zanotti via Shopbop

Triangle Dress – Hester

Oh, how this dress makes me happy. Retro without being twee.  ADORE.

Available: Triangle Dress by Hester via Fashion Stake

Frill Sleeve Shift Dress – Karen Walker

Even I can admit that sometimes, a little frill is necessary.

Available: Frill Sleeve Shift Dress by Karen Walker via Summerland

Swim Dress – Rick Owens

Look! Rick Owens isn’t always apocalyptic and androgynous.  I know!

Available: Swim Dress by Rick Owens via LN-CC

Two-in-One Pan – Le Creuset

Absolutely brilliant. Fry pan as the lid for the sauce pan.  Seriously, I would marry this set.

Available: Two-in-One Pan by Le Creuset via Sur La Table

Delores Wool Coat – Leanne Marshall

It’s about time I post another Leanne Marshall piece, no?  Yes, it’s summer.  Yes, this is a wool coat.  The short sleeves make it acceptable to want now and wear later.  THEY DO.  Also, that plaid is killing me like nothing else right now.

Available: Delores Wool Coat by Leanne Marshall via Etsy

Erdem Exclusive Prints for Net-a-Porter

Until we get Erdem for The Room at The Bay, I will covet these.

Gloria Printed Stretch Cotton Dress:

Nell Printed Cotton Twill Dress:

Adele Printed Stretch Cotton Skirt:


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