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My Other Ride is a Unicorn Tee – The Bold Banana


Available: My Other Ride is a Unicorn Tee by The Bold Banana via Etsy


Black Slim Ombre Jeans – Pierre Balmain

Reverse dip-dye love.

Available: Black Slim Ombre Jeans byPierre Balmain via Ssense

Peacock Cuff – Lucky Brand Jeans

Even though birds are all pretty much dicks, they’re also pretty much beautiful. So I will take their jerky selves, in accessory form, and use them to decorate myself.

Available: Peacock Cuff by Lucky Brand Jeans

Patina Armour Leather Legging – Helmut Lang

When I saw Mad Max for the first time as a child, I loved it. One reason was the costuming. FOR REAL. And these? Would totally let me pretend I was in that movie. Is that wrong? (I don’t want to be right).

Available: Patina Armour Leather Legging by Helmut Lang

Burgundy Crystal Skull Ring – Alexander McQueen

Of course.

Available: Burgundy Crystal Skull Ring by Alexander McQueen via Ssense

Sphinx Crystal Present-Print Dress – Mary Katrantzou

Looking at just makes me feel amazing and horrible, all in one glance. This one did me in.

Available: Sphinx Crystal Present-Print Dress by Mary Katrantzou via Matches

Café Capri in Silk Foulard – J Crew

I’m always suspicious about silk pants. (A) Wrinkles, (B) sweatiness in summer, (C) I will always drop something crazy-stain-inducing on something made of silk. But, the colour! And pattern! Holy cow.

Available: Café Capri in Silk Foulard by J Crew

Sprinkle Donut Watercolour – Elizabeth Graeber

No one makes doughnuts like a North American. Don’t bother even trying them in, say, Australia. Trust me.

Available: Sprinkle Donut Watercolour by Elizabeth Graeber

Thornbill Dress – Hi There by Karen Walker for Anthropologie Made in Kind Collections

Eyes widened, eyebrows raised. That is all.

Available: Thornbill Dress by Hi There by Karen Walker for Anthropologie Made in Kind Collections

Trees as Veins Print – Jessica Durrant


Available: Trees as Veins Print by Jessica Durrant via Etsy

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