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Road Bike – Vanilla Bicycles

While I adore my Giant, the thought of a custom, handcrafted road bike makes my stomach flutter.  I could even get behind a five year wait.  Maybe.  Oh, man.

View: Road Bikes by Vanilla Bicycles


Happy Holidays, All!

And that being said, will be posting much more sporadically over the next week or so.  Hope the end of the year and all of its celebrations treat you well.


Bent Walnut Tote – Teal and Gold

I have a small wooden handbag.  Obviously, I need a large, wooden tote.

Available: Bent Walnut Tote by Teal and Gold via Etsy

Tie Front Tea Dress Vintage Flora – Suzannah

Sometimes, vintage prints like this need to be taken out of retirement!

Available: Tie Front Tea Dress Vintage Flora by Suzannah

Soul Bird (small) – Sanna Annukka

I love the idea of a bird carrying ones soul to and from their body at the start and end of life.

Available: Soul Bird (small) by Sanna Annukka

Silk Twill Tuck and Fold Top – Jodi Arnold

You know how I feel about folded fabric and beautifully shaped necklines. Don’t even tell me you don’t.

Available: Silk Twill Tuck and Fold Top by Jodi Arnold

Hadley Boots – Juicy Couture

Forgive me, all, for I am about to post something from Juicy Couture. But really, you must admit that they’ve come very far from suitpants with JUICY written across the ass.

Available: Hadley Boots by Juicy Couture via

Tab Bag – Jane Hopkinson

The asymmetric shape is making me cock my head to the side, lose balance and fall into love with it.

Available: Tab Bag by Jane Hopkinson

Sculpture – Kate MacDowell

They speak for themselves.



Canary 3:


View: The Artwork of Kate MacDowell

16″ Canvas Mason Bag with Leather Bottom – Hickoree’s Hard Goods

I would take this a-traveling!

Available: 16″ Canvas Mason Bag with Leather Bottom by Hickoree’s Hard Goods

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