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Pollock Dress – Heidi Merrick

Plunging back.  Electric blue with coral contrast lining.  Boat neck.  Love.

View: Heidi Merrick Spring 2009 Collection


Guitar Bag – Chanel

Yes, Chanel.

I am thankful this is an acoustic bag, and not an electric, as my little SG?  She would rattle around in there like a son of a bitch, and that helps me not to want it so much.

View: The Chanel Guitar Bag and the Chanel GUITAR at Haute Addiction

Vernice and Pump – Giuseppe Zanotti

Shoes.  Sigh.  Art.  They are.




Massai Ink Necklace Dress – Yoana Baraschi

There’s a reason why everyone thought Cleopatra was hot: style.

Available: Massai Ink Necklace Dress by Yoana Baraschi via Sunday Brunch Dress Shop

Plastic Bubble

Too much illness in the world.  The flocks of Swirdmans (swine-bird-human) are coming!  AND THEY’RE COMING FOR ALL OF US.

Image from The Boston Globe.

Techno Colored Bark Scarf – Diane von Furstenberg

In honour of Bea Aurther.  RIP Maude & Dorothy.

Available: Techno Colored Bark Scarf by Diane von Furstenberg via Nordstrom

Vevue Clicqout Dress – Eve Gravel

Yes, I do think I would drink Vevue Clicquot while clad in this.

Available: Vevue Clicqout Dress by Eve Gravel

Fox Necklaces – Joanna Rutter

Worn at the same time = double foxiness.

The Little Vixen:

The Fox Cub:


Matthew Williamson for H&M

Two things:

  1. I tend to think that most capsule clothing collections for mass market retailers suck it.
  2. I have yet to touch an H&M product that didn’t feel like it would fall apart in its first wash.

But you know what?  I don’t care.  Matthew Williamson!

View: Matthew Williamson for H&M

Rebecca Turbow Spring 2009 Dresses

Rebecca Turbow, known for her personal monochromatic style, brings a variation on grey to her latest collection, and I find myself writing a run-on sentence because my coveting won’t let me pause.

View: Rebecca Turbow Spring 2009 Collection

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