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Bunny Headband – Miss Fortuna

I am not posting this because it’s almost Easter. Truthfully, I don’t celebrate that holiday.  I just like bunnies. And I only like Easter because it makes bunny-things easy to find.

Available: Bunny Headband by Miss Fortuna via Benoit Missolin


Splatter Tee – Ashley Rowe

It’s pretty well known that I have love for Ashley Rowe’s dresses.  It should be no surprise that I’m looking forward to her forthcoming, hand-splattered tees.  One: hand splattered, both sides.  Excellent.  Two: there’s something lovely and clever about a looser fitting, scoop-neck t-shirt with a tail.

Rowe (yup, that’s the lady herself modeling the tees, and the rest of the Fall/Winter 2010 line on-site) will begin selling the Splatter Tees on via on April 5, (sign up now for a pre-sale list) and the rest of her line in July, 2010.

Anyway, the Tee:

Available: Splatter Tee by Ashley Rowe

Engraved Wood, 22620 from Landscape Series – Nando Costa

Wood. Laser (laser!) engraved  So detailed and intricate and so inspiring of delight.  Want, please and thank you.

Available: 22620 from Landscape Series by Nando Costa via Etsy

Spring / Summer 2010 – Maje Paris

The French do spring, so, so well.  So much so that it is making me think that shorts, perhaps, aren’t a bad idea.

View: Maje Paris Spring / Summer 2010 Collection

Spring Pumps – Geren Ford

Again with the sexy demure stuff.  Loving it.

Jerry Collar Heel:

Bianca Rivet Heel:


Dungaree Linen Pleat Dress – Built by Wendy

Dunno – there’s something both demure and hot about this.  And I love that.  And, really, dungaree?  Snerk.

Available: Dungaree Linen Pleat Dress by Built by Wendy

Deco Daisy Necklace – Alisha Louise Designs Jewelry

Lasers + enamel + deco inspiration = Ha, awesome!

Available: Deco Daisy Necklace by Alisha Louise Designs Jewelry via Moxsie

Spiro Necklace – Miette

Spira-Doodles as a  handmade cotton necklace.  Damn.

Available: Spiro Necklace by Miette

Vintage Blue Peacock Image Locket – Freshly Fig

I am loving peacock this year, and I have no idea why.  I love this even more, I think, because it’s an image of a feather appliqued onto a vintage locket – no harm, now fowl.  Yeah, so.  Get this for me.  Please.  Because I’m awesome.  And pea-cocky.  That’s why.  I mean, when I’m not make HORRIFIC puns.

Available: Vintage Blue Peacock Image Locket by Freshly Fig via Etsy

Silk Striped Tie-neck Dress – Banana Republic

SUMMER!  That is all.

Available: Silk Striped Tie-neck Dress by Banana Republic

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