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Crepe Satin and Chiffon Doubled Dress – Ana Locking

Dreamy.  Dreamy, dreamy, dreamy.

Available: Crepe Satin and Chiffon Doubled Dress by Ana Locking


Omelle Footwear

Struck dumb.

The Brianna:

The Drew:

The Cecilia:


Laser Cut Leather and Silver Jewellery – Eninaj

I want these.  That is all.




Edie Bag – Tracy Zych

Sunshine in bag format.

Available: Edie Bag by Tracy Zych via Harmony Lane

Custom Purple and Green Sandals – Zerkahloostrah

Right, so you know I have the midget feet, right?  Best way to get around it?  Customized freaking shoes.  Who wants to be my sugar daddy?

Available:  Custom Purple and Green Sandals by Zerkahloostrah via Etsy

Gauntlet Gloves – Judi Rosen New York

I generally run away from any clothing that looks costume-y.  But, holy crap, do I love these leather gloves.

Available:  Gauntlet Gloves by Judi Rosen New York

Animal Photographic Art – Grand Ole Bestiary

First the demure:

Who really want to be party girls:


Robusta – Fluevog

I try not to look at Fluevogs, as the company made the horrible decision to not carry anything under a size 6 women’s.  I sometimes cave.

And then I cry.

Available:  Robusta by Fluevog

Aluminum Large Snack Boxes – Sigg

Sweet baby Jesus, I want a truckload of these so I could put everything I own in them.

Available:  Aluminum Large Snack Boxes by Sigg via

Vintage Peter Pan Boots

A wee bit ago, Sherry and I were talking things we loved when we were kids, and it turns out we owned the same turquoise Peter Pan boots.  And we both wished we still had them.

These vintage taupe ladies are similar to mine, but these have a heel, making them all growned up, in comparison to the flats I had, and, well, they’re taupe.  Which isn’t anything close to a shade of blue.

Still, if these were a size 5, I’d be all over the suckers.

Available:  Peter Pan boots at Brown Bag Vintage via Etsy

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