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Asymmetric Sleeveless Dress – Gucci

I do know how ridiculous it sounds when I say ‘I’m pretty into Gucci right now’, but it’s true.

Available: Asymmetric Sleeveless Dress by Gucci via Bergdorf Goodman


Lambskin Leather Concert Bracelet – Cast of Vices

Because I’m an indie-rock jerk.

Available: Lambskin Leather Concert Bracelet by Cast of Vices

Heritage Python Cropped Jacket – Banana Republic

On the stalk list.

Available: Heritage Python Cropped Jacket by Banana Republic

Quilted Moto Jacket and Quilted Knit Bomber – Gap

Gap is getting some crazy cute pieces, if you really look for them.

Quilted Moto Jacket:

Quilted Knit Bomber:


Asymmetric Silho Cuff – Bauble Bar

Do I really have to say why with this one?

Available: Asymmetric Silho Cuff by Bauble Bar

Draped Crewneck Dress – Alexander Wang

A costume for a movie about the Roman Empire set in the future. So of course I love it.

Available: Draped Crewneck Dress by Alexander Wang via Bergdorf Goodman

Ribbon Bow Sweater – Alice + Olivia

I love this even though I have a feeling I would end up feeling silly for wearing it by mid-day.

Available: Ribbon Bow Sweater by Alice + Olivia via ShopBop

Sleeveless Button Up Top – Vince

Sheer enough to be interesting, opaque enough to wear anywhere.

Available: Sleeveless Button Up Top by Vince via ShopBop

OK Necklace – By eLUXE


Available: OK Necklace By By eLUXE

Perforated Baylee Tote – Chloé

This whole completely see-through perferation movement has totally grown on me. Plus, cream + blue = BFF4EVA

Available: Perforated Baylee Tote by Chloé via Far Fetch

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