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Dinner at the French Laundry (or Maybe Per Se)

I’ve been in love with the thought of Thomas Keller for years.  Then, any amazing chef that welcomes vegetarians into their establishments will always turn my head – though I do vow that I will dine at Keller’s French Laundry (or maybe Per Se) some time this year.

I’ve thought of attempting the make a reservation and take a trip for my birthday in February (the last four years have been marked by my own tradition of taking friends out and treating them to meals at Moto, Perigee and the recently closed Susur and, uh, Susur again (holy crap, I ate there at least two other times too – and I can’t wait until Shang is through it’s kinks so I can head down to NYC and try that sucker out)), but winter travel is always uncertain, and this is the kind of meal that I would be shattered if I had to miss.

2009 will be the year of a Keller meal.  It will, it will.

But for my birthday, I’m leaning towards Colborne Lane or Langdon Hall.  Both are the kinds of kitchens that will prepare vegetarian delights if given enough notice, and I love them for it.  Who’s coming with?

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