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Draped Back Top – Rachel Pally

More exposed backs, please.

Available: Draped Back Top by Rachel Pally via ShopBop


Silk Turtle Dress – Led Thread

So simple and lovely. Cowled neck, cinched in waist, yes indeed.

Available: Silk Turtle Dress by Led Thread via Etsy

A Cheval sur mon Carré Scarf – Hermes

(A) Pony. (B) Scarf. (C) Pony made of scarves on a scarf.  Duuuuuude.

Available: A Cheval sur mon Carré Scarf by Hermes

Trying a little something new: Cake Beauty, 30% Off

Hey now, what’s that?  Sure thing – Chick Advisor has launched a new sample-sale-like shopping program.  The first product up is Cake Beauty’s Hands & Feet Essentials.  I like Chick Advisor. I like Cake Beauty.  So I decided to see if being an affiliate for their shopping efforts would help you all out, too.

Cake Beauty’s Hands & Feet Essentials, $41.13 (reg. price: 58.76)

Click on through if you’re interested.


Wool Cashmere Dress – House of Groves

White wool, dark leather trim, oh my.  I love the harness-like feel the trim imparts.  Love, I say.

View: House of Groves Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

Möbius Wrinkle Mid Shoe – United Nude

There’s something about the use of space in these that is killing me.

Available: Möbius Wrinkle Mid Shoe by United Nude

Brainac Locket – Old Gold

I love my brain. I like to put things in it.  Perfection.

Available: Brainac Locket by Old Gold

Earth Day. Buy Stuff. Seriously. Here’s How.

Alright, so this is a redirect to a post that I wrote for Linea Pelle.  But that’s okay.  Recycling content!

Anyway, look at me blog about eco-fashion at the Linea Pelle Blog:

PS: I’ve been in LA this week.  And I didn’t buy a thing.  Duuude.  I did, however, put my grubby paws all over McQueens, Herve Legers, DVFs and Marc Jacobs.  It was enough.

Black Bias Cut Dress With Slip – Simon Ekrelius

I usually get down on the use of sheer fabric, but this, I can’t resist. It’s opposite day!

Available: Black Bias Cut Dress With Slip by Simon Ekrelius via My Sugarland

Asymmetrical Waist Belt – Raw by Acne

Asymmetry, you are my friend. We should do things more often.  I’m just saying.

Available: Asymmetrical Waist Belt by Raw by Acne

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