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Brass Jewellery – Robert Lee Morris for Elizabeth and James

Man, I sure do wish you all would say something.  I see y’all hitting posts throughout Covet & Want, and I’d love to hear what you like and what you think I’m batshit insane for wanting.

But on to the covet…

Say what you will about the Olsen twins, they have excellent taste in partner-designers.  Why hello, work of Robert Lee Morris for Elizabeth and James.

Wedge Necklace:

Wave Cuff:


Necklaces – Kendra Scott

I hate the term statement jewelery, but, dammit, these necklaces definitely speak.  They’re saying, “Melissa, we just want to adorn your neck.  Is that too much to ask?”

Nell Necklace in Linen on Gold-tone:

Ignacia Necklace in Chalcedony on Gold-tone:

Suede Platform Pumps – Missoni

These would add 5 inches to my height.  And I’d still be too short to Top Model.  Or, would I….

Available: Suede Platform Pumps by Missoni via The Outnet

Louise Silk Print Shell – Black Halo

I don’t know what I like more – the large scale print, or the fact that it’s the exact opposite of the highly structured forms that we’re used to seeing from Black Halo.

Available: Louise Silk Print Shell by Black Halo via Ssense

Fusion Table and Chairs – Ikea

What, no silly Euro-faux name?  Man, Ikea, you surprise me.  And have found a relevant spot in my life again.

Available:  Fusion Table and Chairs by Ikea

Spring 2009 Collection – Comptoir des Cotonniers

The French – they do it right.

View: Spring 2009 Collection by Comptoir des Cotonniers

Flutter Sleeve Dress – Jay Godfrey

Berry is the colour of summer.  You heard it here first.

Available:  Flutter Sleeve Dress by Jay Godfrey via Jules & Eve

Anchor Necklace – Brazen Design

Hello, Sailor.

Available: Anchor Necklace by Brazen Design via Hum

Mustard Coloured Bags – Matt & Nat

Colour, colour, colour.  I am insatiable when it comes to brilliant colour.

Fifty Five in Mustard Japanese Paper Vegan Leather:

Jorja Large in Mustard Japanese Paper Vegan Leather:


Paintings – Lawrence Yang

Brilliant colours, adorable and sinister = all the things I love about art.

Bunny and Moose:

Jamie’s Present:

Space Invaders Apocalypse:

View: Paintings by Lawrence Yang

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