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Striped Cherish Mini Tote Bag – Rebecca Minkoff

The perfect bag for an afternoon of boating. Which means I should get a boat. And move someplace near a body of water large enough to boat on.

Available: Striped Cherish Mini Tote Bag by Rebecca Minkoff via Revolve

Riding Pant – The Paddock

I always wanted to be a part of the horsey-set.  And if I can’t have a horse, I can at least have equestrian-style pants, can’t I?  In love with the inner leg patches.

Available: Riding Pant by The Paddock

Morning After Mini Bag – Rebecca Minkoff

While I adore my black MAM, this fire engine red one?  All kinds of flash and LOOKATMEEEEE and I’m totally feeling that right now.

Available: Morning After Mini Bag by Rebecca Minkoff via Revolve

Draped Back Sheath Dress – Ports 1961

Hey, how about a silver dress with cowl back?  Don’t mind if I do.  It’s my birthday, dammit, and I will lame (accent on the ‘e’) if I want to.

Available: Draped Back Sheath Dress by Ports 1961 via ShopBop

The Color Study II Locket – Verabel FOX Collaboration

There’s nothing sweeter then a pretty, colourful locket.  It doesn’t hurt that the design reminds me of the triangle-rectangle-houses I used to doodle on grid paper in math class as a kid.

Available: The Color Study II Locket by Verabel FOX Collaboration via Etsy

Dress, Jacket, Trench – Burberry

Hey, let’s let Burberry dress me for a day, okay?  Okay!

The Ruched Georgette Dress in Veridan Green by Burberry London is what I would like to wear to work  if I didn’t work in a place where boys have been known to walk about barefoot.

On a sweet spring day, I’d throw this Burberry Prorsum fawn-coloured Leather Military Jacket over top:

But if it was a little windy, I’d put this Burberry Prorsum Bike Sleeve Trench Coat on instead:

But I do work in a place where I’m accused of going on a date after work if I wear a pair of super-dark rinse jeans.  And I’m actively trying to figure out how to wear the jacket and trench at the same time.  So I think that Burberry would, perhaps, not want to come live at my house at this moment in time.  But really, who would they have more fun with?  No one, that’s who.


Embroidered Halter Dress – Tracy Reese

Yes, please.

Available: Embroidered Halter Dress by Tracy Reese via Nordstrom

Equinox Frock – Camilla and Marc

Have so much love for the colour story in this, and those intricate gathered panels in the bodice?  Holy shit.

Available: Equinox Frock by Camilla and Marc via

Hubble Dress – Christopher Kane

SPACE!  Also, I love how I can see me wearing this on a hot summer evening.  Summer, dammit, be here already.

Available: Hubble Dress by Christopher Kane via

PS1 Medium Leather Satchel – Proenza Schouler

Right after the Hermes Birkin is the PS1 on my list of bags I one day vow I will own. Before I die. Probably right before I die, when I’m very old and will only cart around hard candies and Kleenex in them.  Because they’re expensive (granted, the Birkin more-so then the PS1) and I keep forgetting to open another bank account and set up small, monthly withdrawals to save up for them and then spend my cash on things like snow blowers and new flooring.  But, daaaaaamn.

Available: PS1 Medium Leather Satchel by Proenza Schouler via

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