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Offering Pillow – Audrey Kawaski

Man, I do love Kawasaki’s work. This Is A Limited Edition does lovely realizations of art work on objects.

Available: Offering Pillow by Audrey Kawaski via This Is A Limited Edition


Lumio Book Lamp – Max Gunawan

Well, that’s just lovely and amazing.

Available: Lumio Book Lamp by Max Gunawan via MoMA

Rabbit Plate – Take The Cake

Rabbit. Cake. Well, there are two things that I like very much.

Available: Rabbit Plate by Take The Cake via ShopBop

Menagerie Owl Canister – Jonathan Adler

Nope, don’t have anything to store in here, as I drink my owls of coffee black, but it sure would be a lovely addition to my little ceramic owl dish family.

Available: Menagerie Owl Canister by Jonathan Adler via ShopBop

Silhouette Mirrors – Flux Glass

Stag Head: The fake taxidermy fan in this just had heart palpitations.

Horse: How do I not have this already?


Kokucho Pillow – Tom Lewis

Just because it’s a pillow doesn’t mean that it’s not art, bitch.

Available: Kokucho Pillow by Tom Lewis via Click For Art

Bob & Doug McKenzie Cross Stitch Pattern – Wee Little Stitches

Beauty, eh?

Available: Bob & Doug McKenzie Cross Stitch Pattern by Wee Little Stitches via Etsy

Hoot Vase

Delicate little owls. Who are not at all creepy.  Like real owls.  The bastards.

Available: Hoot Vase via Nood

Block Bot – William Dohman

A robot made of wood and rope.  ‘Nuff said.

Available: Block Bot by William Dohman via Etsy

Plera Pendant Lamp – DZ Studio

A concept that I wish to see made real.  Wood trim!

View: Plera Pendant Lamp by DZ Studio

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