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Block Bot – William Dohman

A robot made of wood and rope.  ‘Nuff said.

Available: Block Bot by William Dohman via Etsy


Vintage Gray Tin Toy Rabbit – Bella Lulu

Because the sky is hateful this long Labour Day weekend, a week of greys, blacks and whites, I think.  But lovely greys, blacks and whites.  And this, this is a FUN grey, because, really, last long weekend of the summer should be all about play, no matter what the sky thinks.

Available: Vintage Gray Tin Toy Rabbit from Bella Lulu via Etsy

Handmade Wool Stegosaurus – CatsMiaow

Screw wanting to be 5 years old so I can have this.  I want to continue to be 35 and make this mine.

Available:  Handmade Wool Stegosaurus by CatsMiaow via Etsy

Customized Kokeshi Doll – Amy Sol

I love the Amy Sol.  Even had a Gelaskin of one of her works on my phone!

Here’s her take on a kokeshi doll, and I adore it.

View: more images, and learn where you can see the exhibit this doll is a part of, at Amy Sol’s blog

Miniature Cabinets of Curiosities – MiniatureRhino

Small surprises in small vessels.  Adorable.


Jurassic Robot Dinosaur by Sage12888

Grimlock smash!  And only 3cm tall, at that.

Available: Jurassic Robot Dinosaur by Sage 12888 via Etsy

Let’s Start Small: Pecan Pals

There is nothing sweeter then a wooden toy monster.  I said it, it must be true.  Noferin will finally be releasing toy versions of the characters that inhabit their Carrara Island illustrations.  And man, I WANT.

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